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Staff Favorites

Show your staff some love by getting them something from their favorites list!



Art - Brown

Music - Sloan

P.E. - Maione

S.T.E.M. - Joe Maione

Media Center - Nussman

AIG - Wikfors


Office Staff

Principal - Kelly Thomas

Vice Principal - Rachel Seighman

Counselor - Taylor Heimrich

Bookkeeper - Stephanie Moore

Data Manager - Pam Patterson

School Nurse - Amy Ashton

School Resource Officer - Zach Pullin


Support Staff

Custodian - Ruby Covington

Custodian- Lois Ponds

Custodian- Taylor Boyce

Nutrition - Brenda Elliott

Nutrition - Mrs. Donna

Nutrition - Esmay

Resource Teacher - Lelonek

Resource Teacher - Duda

Resource Teacher - Blakeslee

Instructional Coach - Gwendalyn Iversen

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